I am a self taught artist who thrives on the creative process. I don’t want my paintings to conform to any expectations, rather, I want to inspire those who view my paintings to explore depth and beauty in things around them, even if they don’t make sense.

I want the viewers to feel the emotion that comes from within as they enjoy the beauty through color, and a sense of space and time. Christine Hanlon - Encaustics Artist - photo

A nurse by trade, I quickly began to realize that I needed an outlet for my frustrations and the emotional “baggage” that accompanies caring for those who are ill. Nursing those recovering from physical trauma or struggling with mental health issues, I also began to notice the disparity and loss of passion from one’s life. This encouraged me to begin my own search for passion and fulfillment. I took one class in painting at Central Oregon Community College and my creative, healing journey began.

Painting allows me to explore my feelings and emotions, and then channel that energy into each piece. I exercise freedom and spontaneity through color and mark making layer by layer to evoke emotion from the viewer.



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